It is with enthusiasm that for a third consecutive year I put together our annual activity report. If I had to sum up our present mandate I would say that it has been a year of consultation, reinforcement of the team and especially a year of great visibility for Siari.

We have set three objectives since our last annual general assembly. We consider that we have obtained our objectives with a lot of vigor! With certainty we want to promote a clear image of our organization and create an environment of life that is much stronger and to improve our ways of communication.

During the year we have created a much broader visibility of Siari, by participating in seven groups of immigration, integration and volunteers, also we have done some presentations in different organizations in our area and in other areas of Montreal. We are also committed to promoting our accomplishments in consolidating our links with the area that we serve working directly or indirectly with the participants of other organizations in order to support them in certain problem solving in which we have expertise and helping in assuring the translation and interpretation service. We will continue on this path this year…

Equally, we wish to create an environment of life that is much stronger by first making better the physical space of the reception area of the center and to consolidate this sentiment of the presence of our members at Siari something that we have done! We have not only reinforced the personnel of the reception area to assure the stability of this post and by recruiting a second employee we have also worked very hard collectively in creating department heads with the existing ones. An astonishing team work…. In pleasure!

For our means of communication, the work is not completely finished, but I’ll be grateful for any help. We have reconstructed our entire web site; we have re-done half of our content and changed all of the visuals. We have also translated our website into English. On the same order of principle we have regularly updated our Face book page. This year we are working on creating a mechanism that will enable the employees to update the face book page spontaneously.

For us, once it was done it was a good year of visibility,of the promotion of our organization and the consolidation of our activities and services.

I wish you good reading and I say to you I’ll see you next year!


Fatma DJEBBAR, Director