Our daycare center allows parents to have a little break and an opportunity to participate in all our activities. The activities we propose promote the child’s autonomy  and prepare them for the beginning of kindergarten. The children vocabulary is enriched. They also learn to socialize and develop their cognitive skills.


All year round, three backpacks are available for neighborhood families to borrow. Each backpack contains eight children books. Families can borrow a backpack for two consecutive weeks before bringing it back for other families to use. It is just another way to get children acquainted with books at a young age and to encourage parents to spend quality time with their children. To sign up for a backpack, please write to francisation@siari.org

Reading Circle

Three times a week, volunteers from Collège Frontière read stories to children in French. This allows them to expand their vocabulary and begin to understand simple instructions in an interesting, age appropriate way. Registration is mandatory. Please write to francisation@siari.org to register.

Brico-contes (en)

Twice a month, Brico-contes is an activity combining reading and arts organized in collaboration with the Bibliothèque intercultural de Côte-des-Neiges. This program uses crafts to help stimulate motor functions while inspiring creativity and imagination in children.

Joujouthèque’s games room

Every week we spend half a day in the Parents Association of Côte-des-Neiges’s games room. Toddlers discover thousands of toys while adults enjoy a safe and magical environment with their child.

Early-learning reading and writing

These meetings aim to combine teaching and learning with fun and excitement. We also offer support to parents who wish to prepare their toddlers for kindergarten. Children develop both language abilities and motor skills, as well as social and emotional awareness.