SIARI has more than 40 years of history. The daily priority of the entire team is to promote the complete autonomy of immigrants.

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One mission

Support and accompany new immigrants, refugees, and their families of diverse origins, for social, cultural, and linguistic integration so that they become an integral part of Quebec society.

One vision

Be a significant resource in integrating immigrants, refugees, and their families to promote their full autonomy. Our priority is to make them agents of their change by promoting the empowerment of everyone in their new host country.

SIARI is also



The massive arrival of the “boat people” (refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos) brought about immediate needs in Montreal’s community, in the interpretation field in particular.


Creation of SIARI, Service des Interprètes Auprès des Réfugiés Indochinois by the Service to the Chinese family, the Catholic Vietnamese Community, the Khmer Community and the Laotian Community of Canada.


The patent letters are registered and a board of directors is appointed. The SIARI team elaborated participation models in school, health and social services environments.


The organization modified its legal name to Service d’Interprète et d’Aide aux Réfugiés Indochinois (S.I.A.R.I.) to better portray the organization’s expansion.


SIARI’s name became Service d’Interprète, d’Aide et de Réference aux Indochinois to better reflect its day-to-day reality. New services are offered: French classes, twinning and liaison officers in schools.


SIARI adopts its current name: Service d’Interprète, d’Aide et de Référence aux Immigrants. The population served has become more diverse and members now come from nearly 60 countries. SIARI replies in 52 languages.

SIARI today is

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Promoting and supporting new immigrants, refugees and their families from diverse origins for a social, cultural and linguistic integration so that they become an integral part of Quebec society.

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