Activities 2-5 years old

Various activities are offered to toddlers all year round.


Activities 2-5 years old

Numerous activities are offered to toddlers in support of an easy gentle entry to kindergarten.

Children develop their language, their autonomy, and their social and emotional skills so they will be ready for their first year of schooling.

  • July and August

Each week, we organize workshops that feature reading and crafts to stimulate fine motor skills, creativity and imagination in children.

  • From Monday to Friday

Children participate in musical workshops in which they learn music fundamentals, develop their elocution and listening skills, improve their appreciation and expression of emotions.

  • Once a week

Through the exploration of nature, children learn about insects, little beasts and animals as they take care of the environment.

Children explore a variety of percussion and orchestral instruments. They learn music and dance from all over the world.

“Jumping rabbit” is an activity with trails, yoga and varied exercises that help develop global motricity, coordination, laterality, strength and balance.

These workshops allow kids to comprehend numbers and use them to count, measure, compare, discover geometrical shapes and develop their spatial reasoning.

These meetings help children develop their language capacities and fine motricity skills and discover their will to learn reading and writing.

During these activities of sensory stimulation, children improve their perception of the world, and enhance their observation capability and their attention as they explore shapes, textures, flavors, etc.

Through activities that develop their experimentation competencies, children are encouraged to reason and find answers to questions they are asking themselves about the world that surrounds them.

During these reading workshops for families, parents discover the pleasure of telling stories to their children through songs and gestures.

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