Information Sessions

Information sessions are offered on different subjects to support you in your new host country.


Information Sessions

Regardless of your immigration status, we offer information sessions on various topics to facilitate your integration into your new host country. Here are some examples of topics covered. We are also open to adding other themes based on demand.

  • Rights and responsibilities of tenants
  • Finding a job in region
  • Understanding the Quebec school system
  • Tips for parents to help with their children’s homework and lessons
  • Being born elsewhere and living here
  • The health system in Quebec
  • Understanding the banking system in Quebec
  • Labour Standards
  • The tax system in Quebec
  • Being an eco-responsible citizen
  • Retirement in Quebec
  • How government works in Quebec (federal, provincial and municipal)
  • Registration is required.

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Information sessions are completely free and registration is required.

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Promoting and supporting new immigrants, refugees and their families from diverse origins for a social, cultural and linguistic integration so that they become an integral part of Quebec society.

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